Hey I’m Alex, the over-caffeinated, directionally-challenged, cautious,  passionate friend in the group.  I love to talk, eat, over-analyze everything, and share a good laugh.  Although I consider myself a relatively mature person, I think it’s important to maintain my sense of youthful joy as well.  I’m a philosophy student who loves to think (and, often, overthink), and although I sometimes struggle to confine my rambling thoughts into eloquent words, I’ll never stop trying.  When it comes to social gatherings, if it involves food or dogs, I’m there, no questions asked.  I’m the person at the party who will spend as much time feeding Cheetos to the family dog as I will awkwardly bouncing around on the dance floor. I’m a democrat, self-proclaimed wannabe hipster, and indie music lover.  I will never turn down a chance to learn something new or to gain insight from another person’s perspective.  I will always want to hear your story, and I would love to share mine as well.

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