The Musketeers

It’s weird to me that cliques dominate in almost all of the high school drama movies and shows. For us, high school wasn’t like that. The stereotypical cliques defined us in middle school, but with the transition to high school came intermingling between the different groups, so much so that the lines between them became essentially indistinct.

Our friendship began in middle school and continued to unfold and progress to current day. I met Alex first. We ended up in the same clique, the math nerds, starting on the first day of middle school. It soon became clear that we were a little different from the rest of the group, and with Alex leading the way, we eventually branched out. That was around the time that we met Isha. She was new to town and lived down street from me. The three of us would sit together at the cafeteria, so if one of us was gone for a day, our remaining two person friend group looked quite pitiful (not that three was that much better). We bonded over our love of the Jonas Brothers (I loved Joe, the other two loved Nick) and obsession with American Idol. I think the fact that we became friends then is why our friendship is so strong. We all knew each other in our most embarrassing times- when I was still trying to get over my tomboy image, Isha had yet to become as fashionable as she now is, and Alex had yet to become the hipster of the group.

After middle school, surviving high school was a breeze. We’d spend hours studying together over Skype for that ridiculously difficult history class we, for some still unknown reason, decided to take. We’d sit in the grass together once class was done, talking about whatever random things we thought important at the time. And when senior year finally came, we’d take a spontaneous trip to the beach, constantly go out to eat, and take trips to the mall (where we once spent five hours waiting for Isha’s car to be towed- we lost the keys).

All of those internet posts about best friends describe us pretty well. Except for when they talk about having fights. I guess we just get along exceptionally well. Now that we’re all apart for most of the year, whenever something exciting or interesting happens, I call Alex and Isha. While most people I’ve met come to college looking for best friends, I already have them. Of course, we’ve all made new friends, but it’s hard for me to imagine becoming as close to anyone else.

And that brings us to today. We’re three friends who no longer see each other every day and are trying (and sometimes failing) to navigate our day-to-day lives as we transition to the adult word. Isha and Alex are my best friends, and I’m so excited to share our different perspectives and personalities with you.

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