Hey there I’m Isha the youngest, loudest, and most obnoxious of the three.  It was determined very early that I should become a doctor, so here I am 19 years later studying Biology/Pre-med and living the dream. I’m definitely funnier than the other two (though they might be a little smarter). I love traveling and meeting different kinds of people. I’m obsessed with all forms of music, from classical to grunge, and I hate manual labor.

Tennis fanatic, libertarian, vegetarian.

Anyway, that was a small summary, I couldn’t fit the rest of my complex and interesting personality into this post, so you’ll have to read the rest of the blog. Can’t wait to meet you!

5 thoughts on “Isha

  1. Heya! Thank you guys for following my blog. I really like the concept you have going here. It makes me want to start a blog with my best friend. Can’t wait to get to know you guys through your stories!

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