The Musketeers

Once upon a time, when denim skirts were popular, and the Jonas Brothers were worshipped like gods, I moved to Farmers drive. I was eleven years old, and this was the 7th time we moved in my lifetime. I never had solid friends, so I might have come across as a little too eager to the rest of the kids in neighborhood. It was actually more like a war zone.  Ah, yes. The Great War of Cool Kids vs. Weird Kids in the year 2009. My uniform consisted of a chipped front tooth, two pigtails, and a rolly backpack with hearts on it. Unfortunately this landed me on the frontlines of the weird side (but don’t worry I quickly turned the tables, and became captain of the cool side. Now I  have a great sense of fashion).

Em at the time hung with the cool kids, and they forbade her to hang out with me. Of course she disobeyed the evil overlord Allison, (who I had to overthrow)  and came to hang out with me in secret so that we could discuss pressing issues of the time. (i.e. How to break up Nick and Miley)

We happened to be classmates at the same school, lets called it Cliques Galore Middle. Here, we started to sit together at lunch in 8th grade and began to cement our bond. Em used to hang out with the smart kids, but had defected from them with another girl, Alex (sense a revolutionary trend?…Em’s Russian). We spent the rest of high school together adopting other awesome humans into our group, but staying an iron clad trifecta.

We helped each other become the people we are today. They’ve helped tame the wild child in me (sort of), and I like to think that I push them out of their comfort zone. We share similar strange interests like operatic-pop (yeah that’s a thing) and Gossip Girl. We also push each other to become better everyday, in every sense.

We are still as close as ever and six hour Skype calls are real. They are the first people I turn to whenever something is wrong. From the time  I realized that Mr. Darcy existed only in fiction, to the time I needed serious mental counseling.

I love them only a little less than I love my dog. Seriously though, I realize that I am so lucky to have found such close confidants early in life, and that I will never know loneliness. Our relationships are so special and so unique, which makes me excited to showcase them on this blog, and share it with others.

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